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Everyone talks about disruption, but at BeProduct we’re big on making the day-to-day better first. Game-changers are great for tomorrow, but what the designers, buyers, and merchandisers who bring great products to market really want are solutions that make the game easier to play today. So here are five features our users love because they make their lives easier. And you won’t find them anywhere else.

Feel at home

Profiles pages. Shares. Comments. Likes. They’re the new language of online interaction; immediate, intuitive, and applicable almost everywhere. But then a lot of enterprise software buries everything in database views and drop-down menus.

BeProduct makes sense in the social age. Your homepage is a feed of activities, tasks, and a list of who’s online and ready to collaborate. Get a notification? Take action now, or file it away for later. Lost? Click Quick Launch to rocket right back to your most recent work.

Bring inspiration in

When they gather inspiration, designers grab a lot of images. Downloading and organizing them locally takes time.

With BeProduct, they can drag and drop files from almost any source, copy and paste right from a Google image search, use our dedicated BeSnap mobile app, or integrate directly with their Dropbox directories.

Advance Search

Red. Sunset. Blood orange. #ff0000. All names for the same color, and that’s pretty common when collections and color palettes are put together quickly, by different departments.

The problem? Search for “red” in a standard PLM platform, and only one of them will show up. BeProduct is built around smart search. Our algorithms scan every imported image, every style, every material, and every palette, so you can see every instance of red – even when “red” doesn’t appear in the name.

Smart Illustrator integration

It’s no secret: creatives prefer to work in Illustrator. Almost every PLM platform has some kind of plugin for integrating the de facto design tool with their data mode – provided your design team is willing to work their way.

BeProduct is different. Why waste time organizing artboards when our solution is smart enough to extract simple text labels, put everything where it needs to be, and even populate product data fields for you?

Email capture

Email. We all fall back on it from time to time. Maybe a colleague starts a series of fit comments in Outlook. Maybe a supplier sends a sample and it sparks a threaded conversation. Normally none of that important information would end up where i t needs to be, but BeProduct can capture every relevant email and attachment - automatically.

Even tech packs can be safely sent via email: suppliers receive a link to view the latest version, and any replies they send will go straight into BeProduct, right to the appropriate style number, as well as to your inbox.

Never miss another deadline

With a click, easily see what your team is doing and if they’re tracking on time.

Track every work request with a streamlined system, nothing gets lost and requestors stay in the loop.

Knowing your daily priorities and ability to execute ensures no more fire drills.

Other Features

  • Take Pictures with BeSnap App                  

  • Upload & Manage Images                          

  • Search Image by Color, Location and Metadata

  • Managing Live Feeds, Tasks, Comments and Likes

  • Add & Manage Color Palette                      

  • How to Create a New Material                      

  • How to Create Style and Manage Artboard              

  • How to Create Tech Packs                        

  • Check out our YouTube channel for more videos

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